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Bespoke Software Development

We have developers and experts both in UK and in India, developing solutions for small scale companies who are outsourcing their software development activities to us holding just senior architects and developers in UK proven to be a best approach in the cost model. We architect systems, design, deliver and support every product we complete until its really making money for our customers.


This application manages customised profile of every small SME's who decided to keep control of their Drug Catalogs using our service. We keep the catalog up to date for you and provide all the change notes with action notes.

Pharmix Schedulers

  • Integration Of Orders From Any Source Systems..
  • Allocation Of Orders To Any Isolators..
  • Allocation Of Isolators To Any Users..
  • Managing Isolators Availability..
  • Managing Used Products From Post Compounding.
  • Smart Environment Monitoring & Temperature Monitoring Of Used Products.

Pen/OWASP Testing

Penetration testing and OWASP testing has become a key task to ensure every public facing websites can actually sustain attacks from dangerous cyber attacks. They can cause serious damage to the application data and break GDPR regulations in matter of seconds.

Even though there will be a back up of atleast 1hr in some hospitals, there are still 100s of hospitals rely on daily back ups which could damage the IT infrastructure even worse and even can cause death of a patient. OWASP guidelines in line with Penetration Testing will discover every loopholes and help organisations to prevent it well before the app goes into production environment.

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